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Devblog 179 new rust infos and updates

September 28, 2017

Here are the newest infos about Rust. Players need no longer a map item to open the map. That makes playing for beginners more comfortable which of i´m a fan. Also you players can now repair wooden ladders and can stack them up to 5 pieces. In addition furnaces cost 100 wood less. A innovation is that you can now pick up empty furnaces and that raw and spoiled meat no longer goes straight to belt when picked up. Enjoy the new updates

Vehicles for admins and new buildings !

September 23, 2017

Since the last post many new updates and new rust infos have been released.New buildings like a supermarket and a gas station were added. Additionally there are new tank sounds and combat log now indicates when someone is killed or wounded. Also are chairs now mountable which porvides 100 % more comfort. In my opinion is the best innovation the test vehicle. Unfortuneately it´s only for admins but i hope in future updates Facepunch Studios will unlock vehicles for all players.

Tanks, AI, optimization, and much more.

July 20, 2017

A new devblog just came online. They have been working a lot on the tank called "Bradley". Sadly not enough to implement it to the final game.

Lots of changes to the AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is planned to stop supporting the Direct x9 Rust Version (Legacy). Ore finally got a big texture and shader update (may be implemented into the final game soon).

For more info check out devblog 169.

Vending machine, but not for soda! Also, flamethrowing turrets!

February 9, 2017

It's been a while, but I finally found some time to update the site to reflect the latest Rust patches. A few new items like the tuna can lamp and the python revolver were added in previous updates.

In the latest update the long awaited vending machine and flame turret were added.

For more info check out devblog 147.

Farming update, the planters are here!

December 16, 2016

For those of us whom are tired of farming animals, rocks and trees, there's a new thing in Rust.
Farming, yes farming. We've all done the infinite cloth hemp stacks up on each other before, but unfortunately this is no longer possible. Because of this Facepunch Studios have added new items to the game, the planter boxes. You can plant your seeds in these boxes, they can be both inside and outside. Oh and by the way, in these boxes the planted seeds will grow 3 times as fast!

Also, make sure to give devblog 140 a read.

Servers wiped, natural caves and M92 added!

December 1, 2016

With todays update the M92 was added, all the military weapons except for the mp5 are no longer craftable. Oh and the natural caves are finally in. Besides these pretty big changes a lot of small things have been changed/fixed.

You should read devblog 138 and find out all about these changes/fixes.

Updated for new patch and added damage tables for weapons.

November 12, 2016

Facepunch Studios released a new patch (devblog 135), it contains a few minor tweaks and some updates for balance. I've updated the items database to reflect these changes, this includes adding the hazmat suit.

I've also been quite busy with adding some new information, damage against buildings is now available. This will hopefully help out when you want to go raiding and need to calculate how much you need to get to the loot rooms! The information is coming straight from the game files, also please note, non explosive damage (picking, shooting, etc.) is based on being applied on soft sides.

Components and Recycler are live!

November 3, 2016

With the release of the new patch (devblog 134) the components are finally here (and more important the XP is finally gone!). I've added the information of these components to the website, this way you can see what they are used for when crafting and even what they recycle into when putting them in the new recycler.

Talking about the recycler, a really nice handy machine that turns items into raw materials, you can find it in most monuments and I've added their locations to the maps of the monuments.

recycler Rust

Added monuments section

November 1, 2016

I've completed the monuments section within the website, you can now see a map of the monument with points of interest for most of them. It would be cool if we could have some more information here at some point, like loot locations and maybe even map callout names. However, at the moment I'm still busy getting all the "basics" of the site up and running, so this will have to do for now.

What is rustinfo?

Since the release of the component system, people have been wondering what all the new items are used for. In the game you only have the option to see what an item requires to be crafted, but not what it crafts or recycles into. This website solves that problem, you can search for an item and see what it is used for or what it turns into when you recycle it.

As a base for the information we use some of the files made available to us in the core of the rust application. This means the data should be up to date, however in case you find any errors feel free to contact me. - - -

Todo list:

Add item crafting information.
Add monuments with building locations.
Add recycle information to items.
Add damage information to weapons.
Add loot locations to maps.
Add information about cook-able items.
Add guides about weapons, crafting and building.
More links to other awesome websites and guides about Rust.