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Tools - Water Bucket

The water bucket is a stable bucket, made of metal for transporting water or other liquids from place A to place B. The water bucket has a maximum capacity of 2 liters that corresponds 2000 milli liters.The player can craft a water bucket with 20 metal fragments. If you have a water bucket you are able to collect water from any water source. The control of the water bucket is simple for filling up your water bucket hold the Right Mouse Button. If you want to empty your water bucket press the Left Button.

Stacksize 1
Craft time 30 seconds
Amount received on craft 1

Crafting ingredients

Item Amount
Metal Fragments 25

Recycles into

Item Amount
Metal Fragments 10 to 13


With the water bucket you can extinguish fire like the camp fire or Lanterns, Furnaces, and Large Furnaces fires generated by Flame Throwers, Incendiary Rockets and Incendiary or Explosive ammunition.

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