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Why you absolutely need a special gaming computer for Rust

And again, a new game is out. Better graphics, stronger AI, more enemies and larger landscapes await the player. But to play all this on a smooth level, high-performance gaming PCs are needed.Especially for playing Rust you need a good hardware equipment, a gaming computer is essential for a unique gaming experience.Without a gaming PC, it is very difficult to cope with other players in today's multiplayer mode.Today's computergames offer unbelievable graphics and game mechanics to which no one dared not dream a few years ago. Therefore, we players need also a very good gaming computer for very good gaming games.

We recommend the following gaming computers, we subvidided them according to the priceclass.

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The mainboard is an essential piece of a gaming computer✔️

The right motherboard is one of the most basic things in the compilation of a gaming PC. It is important that it is modularly expandable with new components and should have one or more PCI Express slots. In addition, compatibility between the motherboard, RAM, and CPU must be ensured to prevent compatibility issues. In addition, it is recommended to have enough fan connections, because the CPU of a gaming calculator can get quite hot. Before you buy the mainboard, you should know exactly which components you want to plug into your gaming number cruncher and connect to the mainboard.

How do I know if a PC is good for playing?

Just because a computer is marketed as a "gaming PC" does not mean that it is automatically suitable for the latest games. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to its equipment - just like the requirements of current games, which can be found online with dealers like Steam or on the game packs.

❗️Factor 1: The graphics card✅

➡️The graphics card is the most important component for playing. The rest of the computer can still be so good: if it does not provide enough performance, hardly a modern game runs smoothly.

❗️Factor 2: The processor✅

➡️The processor behave less quickly than graphics cards - you do not need the most expensive model to get new games running.

❗️Factor 3: The memory✅

➡️ A third important factor is the memory. For a long time four Gigabytes were considered sufficient, but the experts now recommend eight Gigabyte.When buying the RAM is more not necessarily more. Thus 8GB DDR4 RAM with a better clock rate are much more recommendable than for example 16GB DDR RAM. In order not to have any problems with low memory in the future, should not be saved here and with 16GB DDR4 RAM, every gaming machine should also get along well on long term well.

❗️ Factor 4:The hard disk✅

Newer games need quite partial a nearly exorbitant memory space of up to scarce 50GB. Therefore, the hard disk should be the largest possible contained in the budget. Of course, it is recommended to use a fast SSD, but since these are still very expensive in large memory sizes, a conventional HDD is enough to install the games. For the operating system, however, an SSD is recommended for a shorter system startup.

❗️ The power adapter✅

Without the right power supply, all other components of your gaming computador are basically worthless because they do not get any power. Since the power supply is responsible for the power supply of the graphics card, CPU, etc., and the computer is dependent on the power supply, it should not be used in inferior quality. In the correct power supply, it must be ensured that it has about 750 watts, so you can add new components without having to replace the power supply and that it saves energy.

❗️The case✅

The correct housing should be provided with sufficient ventilation fans, which keep the installed components adequately cool. Also recommended are enough USB ports to connect accessories such as mouse, keyboard, loudspeaker, headset, etc.

Is it possible to buy a ready-to-use PC with a good conscience?

➡️If the equipment is basically in order, it can be useful to buy a complete computador . On the one hand, you save time and effort when assembling and assembling, on the other hand you can expect a certain service if problems occur. For a paid assembly, there is a guarantee that a running system will be delivered. If you order all the components separately and do not take care of them properly, there is a risk that certain parts are not compatible with each other or that the selected power supply is too weak.

What is to keep of the Steam Machines?

➡️Under the name of Steam Machines, some computers are currently in the market, which are designed specifically for playing in the living room. Basically, these are normal computers running the Linux-based operating system Steam OS.

Benefits of a gaming computer

🔽Here i will show you some of the main advantages of buying a gaming computer🔽

▪️ fast gaming engine ✔️

no lags✔️

high graphic resolution✔️

play always the newest games✔️

cheap games on steam sale✔️

enjoy the multiplayer ✔️

special possibility ➡️ add extensions to your gaming computador ✔️

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