Why you absolutely need a special gaming monitor for Rust 💻

We gamers usually spend most of our time on choosing the highest quality graphic card for our computer. But without a quality screen it´s hard to enjoy the high end graphic card. Logically our eyes can only admire the great graphics if there´s a monitor which can realize power of the graphic card. So what makes a gaming screen worth the money compared to the average of LCDs. In the following counselor we present you the best gaming screens for the survival game "Rust" .

😍 Recommended gaming screens✔️


🔥The most important factors when buying a gaming screen🔥

First of all, it is certainly sensible to get an overview of generally accepted criteria, which in many cases are taken into account by customers. So you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the respective gaming screen for "Rust" and can make a ultimate decision. The advantage of gaming monitors consists in their long life span, unlike gaming mouses or graphic cards. If you are currently looking for a gaming mouse, we recommend our page Best Gaming Mouse for playing Rust. .

💰The price of an gaming monitor 💸

The purchase price is primarily a very relevant criterion. This allows you to see how expensive the model is and after a detailed overview, you can also go through the head, whether the price-performance ratio is consistent. Not always a good gamer monitor is also expensive, there are also cheap models.

⬇️ These are the main purchase factors ⬇️

➡What is the size of the monitor ?

➡What image resolution is offered?

➡Which technology is included ?

➡Where can i buy the gaming screen for a cheap price ?

➡How is the quality and therefore also the life span of the gaming monitor ? 🔋

Advantages of a good gaming screen ✅

The Lifespan is usually a few years so it´s worth it to spend a bit more because you will be happy with for years to come.✅

high graphic resolution, so you can enjoy playing Rust or other video games ✅

What connections and technical details are important?

Of course, it is also important to know how to connect your gamer monitor. The former connections from the monitor to the PC are now no longer common. Instead, a DisplayPort port or an HDMI port is used. The latter is especially the case if you decide for a model with HD resolution.However, you should also pay attention to the connection possibilities offered by your own computer. Usually these are well equipped, but there can always be differences - if a connection is not available, that would be very annoying. The Plug & Play connection is still common. This means that you can use the gaming monitor immediately if it has been connected. A previous installation is not required, which is definitely very comfortable. So you can use a new monitor directly and take advantage of all the advantages.

Definition of the individual gaming screen connection types✅

For the very widespread VGA connection for the blue connector, the image data are transferred analogously from the graphics card to the gaming monitor. This connector belongs to the group of D-Sub connectors. Other PCs or laptops are connected to the Gamer Monitor. According to a Gamer monitor test, this technology is rather obsolete and is replaced by HDMI and DisplayPort. If you still want to connect a VGA cable, this input is sufficient for a display of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels and an image frequency of 60 to 75 Hz.

DVI is considered the successor to VGA. This connection enables single or simultaneous transmission of analog and digital image data. A transmission of 60 Hz for 1,600 x 1,200 pixels can be enabled (depending on the graphics card setting and cable) to the full HD resolution. DVI-I cables can send analog and digital data. If you have a DVI-I socket and a DVI-I dual link cable, you can also use 2.560 x 1.600 pixels at 60 Hz. DVI-D is only for digital data. This connector is also to be replaced by the DisplayPort or HDMI. Screw connections with the sockets are used to close wobble contacts.

This further development of the DVI interface can also enable sound transmission in contrast to VGA and DVI. So you can easily connect many Blu-ray players or a PS 4. HDMI, however, has thin and sensitive pins in contact. The simple HDMI connection is not suitable for the transmission of 144 Hz - but with the HDMI 2.0 is not a problem. Depending on the graphics card, the 4 K (UHD) resolution of 60 Hz can be enabled.

A USB hub is handy if you want to connect a gaming keyboard or gaming mouse directly to the PC screen. Cabel salad and the annoying crawling on the ground. For this purpose the USB device has to be plugged into the USB port and the cable between gaming screen and USB port on the PC.

2014 version 1.3 of DisplayPort was released. This is currently the highest quality connection for the transmission of picture and sound and, for example, the 4 K resolution 3.840 x 2.160 in 120 Hz transmitted. The version 1.2 creates as in a Gamer monitor test established at least UHD a transmission of 60 Hz.

Where to buy gaming screens for a cheap price ?

Especially online, you often have the possibility to find particularly favorable prices for the purchase of a new monitor. The dealers do not have to pay a lot of retailers here and can store more space on a larger selection of equipment. Thus the purchase on the Internet also has the advantage that you usually always find the desired model and then buy at the best price. So you can easily deal with the purchase price for a gamer monitor and have the option to find a low price so that you can easily save a certain amount when you buy.

Source:Gaming Monitor Test

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