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Why you absolutely need a gaming mouse for Rust

Especially in Rust it´s important to have a good hardware equipment like a gaming mouse. Because you if you don´t equip yourself with a good gaming pc or a good mouse it´s more difficult for you to fight against other players. You’ll be doing a lot more than staring down the barrel of a gun for the most part so you need a mouse the can accommodate multiple play styles.Who have a better standard of technology. Imagine you are playing with an outdatet mouse against a player who bought hisself the newest gaming mouse with the fastest technology. Yes you are right, you don´t have any chance against him. Because it does not depend on the skills rather on the equipment like a good mouse. The mouse plays especially for Rust a very important role. The advantage of a gaming mouse consists in a high polling rate frequency for faster response times, RGB lighting and an ergonmic design. But the biggest difference between a gaming mice compared to a normal mice is that the gaming mouse got a higher DPI. For newcomers to the PC world, DPI means "Dots per Inch"

Advantages of a gaming mouse

an ergonomically shaped mouse fixes pain during long pc use ✅

high dpi value is an advantage for you, so you can react faster ✅

freely programmable keys ✅ These can be linked to special items etc. in the game and save you lots of clicks.

best gaming mouse for playing rust 2017

What to consider when looking for a gaming mouse for Rust

Programmable buttons✅

These buttons are particulary useful for the survival game Rust because it allows players to instantly access different items, weapons and actions in Rust without having to take your fingers and focus away from the movement keys. And the they can be critcal in combat situations like in a teamfight where you have to perform additional actions almost simultaneously you got a big advantage with a customized mouse.

Polling rate✅

A higher polling rate can decrease the lag that occurs between when you move your mouse and when the movement shows up on your screen. On the other hand, a higher polling rate will use more CPU resources as the CPU has to query the mouse for its position more often.

DPI "Dots per Inch"

High DPI mice are more useful if you have a higher-resolution monitor. If you’re playing a game on a low-resolution 1366×768 laptop screen, you don’t necessarily need that high DPI. On the other hand, if you’re playing a game on a 3840×2160 4K monitor, a higher DPI lets you move your mouse cursor across the screen smoothly without having to drag your mouse across your entire desk.

Ergonomic shape✅

The importance of the ergonomic shape from a customized mouse is often underestimated. In choosing the right mouse for the video game Rust, the ergonomic shape plays an important role. It direclty affects how much time you can spend on playing before you need to make a break. Additionally the gaming mouse is more healthy for your hand than a normal mouse because the ergonomic shape the hand adapts itself. Which is more comfortable for playing and makes more fun. Source:

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