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Strategys and tactics in Rust

Which strategys, tactics and tips are essential for a succesful start in Rust ?

In this survival game everything is about surviving in the brutal world. When you start the game your charactere will spawn random at a point on the map. Your charactere is naked, consequently in the beginning you are very vulnerable. It´s recommended the you first try to gather some raw marterials which you can use for eating or crafting your first tools.

As a beginner you should avoid contact with players you don´t know. It can be a helpful strategy/tactic playing together with a friend, especially when your friend and you started silmutanesely playing Rust. For instance you can help each other, in Rust everythings is easier in a team so just ask some of your friends if they want to play with you it´s a win situation for each of you. If you compiled a team enemy players will avoid you because it´s a high risk for them getting with a group of players into a fight.

Now it´s important to farm many marterials as fast as you can. But be careful, search hideouts where you can withdraw if an enemy player wants to fight you.

1.strategy/tip and trick The most important thins in the beginning !

Craft chest where you can put in the rare stuff and hide them.

Trust noone, humans are unpredictable some act like a friend at first and then they rob and kill you. Be careful.

2.tip Silence is your best friend

In Rust everythings is dangerous. So a trick isto prevent conflicts with enemy players. Stay low when there are humans in sight.And never expect help from anybody.Almost every player is sneaky and is only interested in your loot.

3.essential tactic Gather smart and save them

Wood is in the beginning the essential marterial. Wood can be gathered by using hatchet to cut it down or throwing stone at it.Playing smart means that you shouldn´t waste your whole energy for cutting down a tree, you should always save up some energy for other activitys.

rust tactic strategy build walls

4.tactic Hurry up you need a Stone Hatchet

With a stone hatchet you can defend yourself aggainst players and also gather faster ressources. It´s the perfect allrounder, many players underestimate the stone hatchet. That´s your chance make it as soon as possible. You need 10 stone and 5 wood to craft it. By cutting down a tree you also gain more wood with the stone hatchet. That´s amazing !

Get in touch with the civilization

Campfire is the root of civilization in Rust. There are many reasons. For instance survivors don´t have to eat raw meat. Secondly the warmth of Campfire removes the cold effect which causes players loosing calories quickly. The biggest benefit of Campfire consist in making the furnace. Once a furnace is made new doors open up now you can search a blueprint so that you can start to craft a new powerful tool.

5. tip/trick Start gathering marterials

Each player wakes up and will find himself naked. The starting tools are a rock, a torch and bandages. I give you the tip to use your stuff economical, don`t waste your marterials or tools on things wich are unnessesary. Especially the start in Rust isn´t easy in cause many players are try to kill as many other players as possible. Consequently you should try to be fast at gather ressources, so you can build your first base.

6. tactic Make yourself a home

Many players underestimate the benefits of a first, save base where you can enjoy a deep and sound sleep. So they wandering around because they don´t want to spend some of their ressources on building a save base. This will be a desaster for many. My tip is make yourself a home as fast as you can. There you can withdraw in case of danger or extend your base. Another benefit of a first base is that you collect ressources and put them in chests so in if you die, you still got a backup of marterials.

In the following part there are the best raiding strategys and tactics compiled for you.

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